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Your Family Has Big Dreams!

It's Time To Make Those Dreams REALITY!

We carefully and prayerfully created the programs below to help your family thrive no matter where your starting point is.  

Look through our list below and see which programs might be right for you.

Families Are Just Different


Whether you are already a parent with a house full of fun or just thinking about starting a family someday, it's important to realize that FAMILIES ARE JUST DIFFERENT.

As soon as you are married, everything you knew about how to "work" no longer applies.
Most people never figure that out.

Whether you choose to work a regular job or choose to create a world where you are in control of your own time and income, there is so much more that MUST be considered to create a successful family environment.

Because families are different, YOU will require unique knowledge and a completely different skillset.  One that is CERTAINLY NOT taught to us at any level of school.

Maybe you're just coming around to the idea that there is a new and different way to live, work and play. . .


Maybe you've already bought a bunch of coaching programs and spent a ton of money trying to make this game work for you. . .

Either way, you've never been coached like this.

Gunzel Family Brands:
We're Built For Families!

You see it's impossible for a single guy, or someone without kids to know how to handle the unique and different values, thinking and needs of a family. 

It's not their fault, they just don't have any experience.

WE are different. 

We've spent the last 25+ years building business and family together as husband and wife and now with two amazing children.

We know the hidden pitfalls, the traps, the hang-ups and the roadblocks that keep parents and families from creating successful and thriving businesses and more importantly:

We know how to solve them!

So if you're ready to take the first step on your journey to creating a new and exciting life where you get to provide an amazing life for your family WHILE SPENDING TIME WITH THEM, we're ready for you.

And if you've already tried and tried to solve the work from home equation but keep getting stuck without ever getting the results you dreamed of, WE'RE REALLY READY FOR YOU!

It's never to late to get going on the right track.

The truth is, you are probably a lot closer than you think.

Let's get you the knowledge and coaching you need to get you over the hump and onto the life you deserve.


You and Your Family Deserve It!

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The 50 Days Of Success Challenge

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One of the most unique things about Families is we all watch each other.  We SEE what the other members of the family are doing (or NOT doing).

To be able to create family success, all the members of the family need to SEE success happening together.

The 50 Days of Success Challenge uses the science of WIN STACKING to help our families bond together and create habits that lead to the creation of DAILY SUCCESS.

This is a New and Different approach to spending time together that is both fun and engaging while being respectful of your limited time.

And the best part is, it's FREE! 

Master Purpose Secrets

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Lack of Confidence? Not sure where to go next in life?

Maybe you've always felt like God had a bigger purpose for you but you just can't figure out what that is.

Ever wonder why bad things happen to good people?

There ARE answers to these questions and we know how to help you find them fast.

What would it feel like to have CERTAINTY in every thing you do?

Master Purpose Secrets is guaranteed to help you UNLOCK your unique Master Purpose in life.

Come along for the ride as you see the reason you've suffered and struggled turned into your most powerful gift and have Ultimate Clarity on what to do next! 

The Stories To Success System

The Complete Stories To Success System including:  A Fantastic Foundation, Master Purpsose Secrets, Ideal Clients De-Classified, Success Story Formula, Brilliant Branding, Perfected Products, and Effortless Enrollment Secrets

Want to make the jump from trading time for dollars to making money doing what you LOVE?

Or do you just want enough disposable income to finally make those dreams come true?

The Stories To Success System by Jon and Trina Gunzel will teach you everything you need to know to create a minimum of $2,000 a week in EXTRA income all from the comfort of your home (and you get to keep all the money!)

Whether you are just starting out or you've already spent tons on coaching but don't yet have the results you wanted, this is where the rubber meets the road!

The Stories To Success Program along with our available private one-to-one consulting will find and unlock those sticking points that keep you from finally getting over the hump and into the FUN of making a living online with your own coaching or consulting business.

The Marriage Solution

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We get it, on it's own, marriage can be tough.

Marriage for entrepreneurs can seem downright impossible!

But it doesn't have to be!

We've took our knowledge and experience from 25 years of marriage and over $500k worth of relationship training and created the ULTIMATE MARRIAGE SAVING course.

You'll be SHOCKED at how fast even the WORST marriage problems melt away when these correct strategies are applied.

Better than counseling and cheaper than divorce, The Marriage Solution has what you need to make your marriage the ULITIMATE source of power in your life!

I Am Made For M.O.R.E

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Prerequisites:   Master Purpose Secrets & The Stories To Success System

Ever felt like you were born to change the world but something was STOPPING you?

Like you had so much more to give if you the world could just see you for who you are?

Learn to crush anxiety, make friends easily, capture your skills and talents and accomplish what you were born to do.

Our elite personal success coaching program will not only solve most of the personal issues that hold you back, but our Heal the Healers model will have you certified to use these techniques with your own clients.

It's the best of both worlds.  Heal yourself as you are learning to help those who need you the most.

Scaling To Success

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Prerequisites:   Master Purpose Secrets, The Stories To Success System and I Am Made For M.O.R.E.


In our Platinum Level Scaling to Success package we'll walk with you , step by step as we build your automated online business into a money printing machine that keeps working even in your sleep.

Sound impossible?

Advances in software and society since COVID-19 make POSSIBLE today what was impossible even just 10 years ago.

You can do it but the execution must be perfect.  It's not easy, but it IS possible and we have mapped the way to YOUR own automated success.  

We'd love to get to know you and share more of our experiences with you.

From Homesteading To Travel, Business to Family and Marriage, we share it all on our Heartbeat app and The Family FUNdamentals Community.

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