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Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds from all over the world.

We believe there is no such thing as a prodigy or a natural! Only those who have spent more time in and around a given subject until they finally seem like "they were born for it."

This is great news!  It means SUCCESS can be CAUSED and we don't need to wait around for luck!

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No Prodigies!

Around Here, We Make Our Own Luck!

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Featured Case Studies:

AJ Beaber is a clear example of the Success that comes with the right coach and the right training put together in a SYSTEM for Success.

AJ used our Stories To Success System to 10x her Ignite The Light Program and spread her message to the world. 

Share Your Success Story

Share Your Success Story

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Nicolene Elhadad Testimonial

Nicolene Elhadad

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Piper Harlow Testimonial.jpg

Piper Harlow


Stephanie Chapman

Stephanie Chapman
Darlene Meyers
Darlene Meyers Testimonial

Darlene Meyers

What was my secret?

Stories To Success with Trina & Jon.  I now have confidence, structure, and most of all - purpose!

I cannot wait till I walk into my shop, see my clients & know I am helping people achieve the most out of their lives.

That is what living your purpose is all about.  Do it, you will never regret working with and becoming a part of the Gunzel Family.

Peter Neilson

Peter Neilson Brown Background.jpg
Jessica Broadway.jpg

Stories To Success was a valuable part of my growth!

The biggest part was the confidence and community.

Growing a business is full of taking risk and making moves.  That's easier with community.  I enjoyed getting to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and have made lifelong friends through the S2S community.

It also gave me the confidence to raise my rates from $50 per course to $1,250.  I was significantly underpricing.  As soon as I raised my rates, I had a waiting list! 

Jessica Broadway

I'm an author, podcast host, and TEDx Speaker and I want to give a big shout out to Gunzel Family Brands.

I took the Stories To Success Program a couple months ago and I can tell you this with complete certainty.

Within 9 minutes, I got 100x the value just getting clear on what my purpose was, who my ideal client was, and what my niche was going to be and to consciously say no to everything else.

Terrance McMahon

Terrance McMahon
Paige Harris Clark

Trina Gunzel and her husband are amazing mentors! 

I loved working with them. 

They have incredible programs and their 1:1 Coaching is powerful and right on point. 

Paige Harris Clark

You Rock!  Thank you for every ounce of your wisdom and every minute of your time.

Thank you for making me feel like I am the only person in the world!!!

I recommend both the 1:1 Mentorship and the Retreat!

Trina Gunzel never gave up on me! 

Jenni Raney Edwards

Jenni Raney Edwards
Rob Rains

"The Stories To Success program has been life-changing and business-changing for me.

A matter of weeks after beginning the Stories To Success program, I am signing my own clients.

Thanks, Trina and Jon Gunzel for being amazing coaches and teachers with powerful integrity!"

Rob Rains

You Rock!  Thank you for every ounce of your wisdom and every minute of your time.

Thank you for making me feel like I am the only person in the world!!!

I recommend both the 1:1 Mentorship and the Retreat!

Trina Gunzel never gave up on me! 

Alicia Sault

Andrea Christiansen

The programs Trina and Jon have put together are life changing and phenomenal.  I have personally seen a shift in my life after working with them.

I wouldn't go to anyone else.  You will never meet a more genuine, honest couple.

They care about you and want to see you succeed!

You will walk away a better person tomorrow for having gone to them today.

After going though the programs I became the person I always dreamed I’d be.

I'M ALIVE and I am forever grateful for the programs and to have met Trina and Jon!

Andrea Christiansen

Trina and Jon Gunzel are committed to helping people improve their lives, their families and their marriages.
Their approach is not fluff or something they only read in a book once.

They have experienced their own struggles and understand what it takes to stay true to themselves and work through issues in a productive and caring way. They are intelligent, masterful and authentic in the way they introduce processes, tools and techniques to help individuals and couples reach a deeper level of acceptance and understanding in order to strengthen relationships.

They are also able to help their clients achieve remarkable results because of their genuine love and concern for their clients and their clients’ well-being.

I have known Trina and Jon for more than a decade. My husband and I have personally experienced, and benefited greatly, from their generous spirits and selfless dedication to helping others, their community and the world.

Working with Trina and Jon is a priceless opportunity.

Lynn Murphy


Jon and Trina's training and teaching is at once insightful, nurturing, and result-centered.

I find them to be two of the most broad-minded, capable and caring individuals I've ever met.

With vast experience and an evident passion for helping people, you are guaranteed to benefit from Jon and Trina's innovative approach.

You guys have harmonized and synthesized so much results-centered information into each video, it's amazing.  Each sentence is packed with power and research.

Thank you so much for allowing me in. Love you guys. :) 

Brydon Brett

Jon and Trina are masters at helping others discover and reach their true potential.

They help people succeed in all walks of life and experience joy in the journey.

I've absolutely loved working with you!

Benjamin  Dutton

Ben Dutton
Stephanie Chapman Facebook.webp
Susan Dahl Facebook.jpg
Kristen Ellis Facebook.webp
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AJ Beaber Facebook.jpg

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