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The 50 Days Of Success Challenge

You can Join the 50 days of Success Challenge at absolutely NO COST TO YOU and NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

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The 50 Days of Success challenge will have you saying, "I DID IT!" using the science of WIN STACKING to create a daily habit of success in your life.

Let's Make Winning AUTOMATIC!


Meet The Fam!

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World Class Mental Strength Coach and Master Business Strategist

"I help families get out of the box so they can have more free time and more disposable income!"

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Elite Enrollment Coach and Master Communications Specialist

"I help parents create profitable online businesses while raising kids."

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Master Social Media Guide, Inspirational Content Creator, and World's Best Public Speaker.

(Oh yeah, and I'm humble, too!)

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Baker, Performer, Farmer, Artist, Adventurer, Speaker, Content Creator, Dancer, And The Best Little Sister Ever!

The NEW Way

How To Ethically Quit Your Job and Spend Your Life Playing With Your Family (while helping millions of people in the process . . .)

How to Start a Mobile Friendly Business with the Gunzel Family

To have true freedom in this life, we must first be in control of our own destiny.

To control something (in a good way) we must first be interested in it. 

Then we must understand it.

Finally we must focus our energy on it.

Any deviation from this path is sure to result in a loss of control and therefore a loss of our freedom and our time with our family.

At Gunzel FAMILY Brands, we made a decision a long time ago that we needed to shake up the way the world teaches us to provide for our family.

Instead of leaving our family to provide for them (that even sounds weird, doesn't it?)  we figured out how to spend MORE time together and make MORE money in the process.

Sound impossible?  We live it every day and our clients do too!  We're here to guide you every step of the way.  

Before you take that first step though, you need to know who you can trust.

That's why we created a FREE community where families can gather and learn a new and better way to FAMILY together!

If you're interested in learning more, there's no catchOnly a kind and loving group of people who care about each other and want to see you and your family succeed.

Just scroll down a little bit farther and you'll learn all about what our community has to offer . . .

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The 50 Days Of Success Challenge

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One of the most unique things about Families is we all watch each other.  We SEE what the other members of the family are doing (or NOT doing).

To be able to create family success, all the members of the family need to SEE success happening together.

The 50 Days of Success Challenge uses the science of WIN STACKING to help our families bond together and create habits that lead to the creation of DAILY SUCCESS.

This is a New and Different approach to spending time together that is both fun and engaging while being respectful of your limited time.

And the best part is, it's FREE! 

Master Purpose Secrets

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Lack of Confidence? Not sure where to go next in life?

Maybe you've always felt like God had a bigger purpose for you but you just can't figure out what that is.

Ever wonder why bad things happen to good people?

There ARE answers to these questions and we know how to help you find them fast.

What would it feel like to have CERTAINTY in every thing you do?

Master Purpose Secrets is guaranteed to help you UNLOCK your unique Master Purpose in life.

Come along for the ride as you see the reason you've suffered and struggled turned into your most powerful gift and have Ultimate Clarity on what to do next! 

The Stories To Success System

The Complete Stories To Success System including:  A Fantastic Foundation, Master Purpsose Secrets, Ideal Clients De-Classified, Success Story Formula, Brilliant Branding, Perfected Products, and Effortless Enrollment Secrets

Want to make the jump from trading time for dollars to making money doing what you LOVE?

Or do you just want enough disposable income to finally make those dreams come true?

The Stories To Success System by Jon and Trina Gunzel will teach you everything you need to know to create a minimum of $2,000 a week in EXTRA income all from the comfort of your home (and you get to keep all the money!)

Whether you are just starting out or you've already spent tons on coaching but don't yet have the results you wanted, this is where the rubber meets the road!

The Stories To Success Program along with our available private one-to-one consulting will find and unlock those sticking points that keep you from finally getting over the hump and into the FUN of making a living online with your own coaching or consulting business.

The Marriage Solution

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We get it, on it's own, marriage can be tough.

Marriage for entrepreneurs can seem downright impossible!

But it doesn't have to be!

We've took our knowledge and experience from 25 years of marriage and over $500k worth of relationship training and created the ULTIMATE MARRIAGE SAVING course.

You'll be SHOCKED at how fast even the WORST marriage problems melt away when these correct strategies are applied.

Better than counseling and cheaper than divorce, The Marriage Solution has what you need to make your marriage the ULITIMATE source of power in your life!

I Am Made For M.O.R.E

I Am Made For More Logo

Prerequisites:   Master Purpose Secrets & The Stories To Success System

Ever felt like you were born to change the world but something was STOPPING you?

Like you had so much more to give if you the world could just see you for who you are?

Learn to crush anxiety, make friends easily, capture your skills and talents and accomplish what you were born to do.

Our elite personal success coaching program will not only solve most of the personal issues that hold you back, but our Heal the Healers model will have you certified to use these techniques with your own clients.

It's the best of both worlds.  Heal yourself as you are learning to help those who need you the most.

Scaling To Success

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Prerequisites:   Master Purpose Secrets, The Stories To Success System and I Am Made For M.O.R.E.


In our Platinum Level Scaling to Success package we'll walk with you, step by step as we build your automated online business into a money printing machine that keeps working even in your sleep.

Sound impossible?

Advances in software and society since COVID-19 make POSSIBLE today what was impossible even just 10 years ago.

You can do it but the execution must be perfect.  It's not easy, but it IS possible and we have mapped the way to YOUR own automated success.  

Don't just take our word for it . . .

Here's what our clients have to say.

AJ Beaber - Graduate of The Stories To Success System

AJ Beaber is a clear example of the Success that comes with the right coach and the right training put together in a SYSTEM for Success.

AJ used our Stories To Success System to 10x her Ignite The Light Program and spread her message to the world. 

Peter Neilson - Graduate of The Stories To Success System

Terrance McMahon - Graduate of The Stories To Success System

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The Gunzel Family Brands

FAMILY of Content

At Gunzel Family Brands we want you to discover what's really possible when FAMILY is magnified to the highest level. 
No matter which way you like to enjoy our content we've got you covered! 
We're just happy to have you with us!

THIS is how


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We believe family is the MOST precious and valuable resource on the face of the earth, and as such should have a safe and uplifting place to grow and support the people that make it all happen.

We created and sponsor The Family FUNdamentals Community as the NEW and Best way for family centered individuals to connect, support one another and learn how we can all FAMILY better!

We'd love to have you join us on our all new HEARTBEAT App where we host The Family FUNdamentals Community.

Jon Gunzel, Trina Gunzel, Wyatt Gunzel and Abbie Gunzel - The Family FUNdamentals sponsored by Gunzel Family Brands

And here's the best part!

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You can become part of the community today!

It costs you nothing but a little faith and we promise the blessings inside will be more than you could have ever imagined.

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