The Gunzel Family

The Gunzel Family in front of the St. Louis Missouri Temple just before Wyatt Gunzel left on his mission to Washing DC speaking Persian for 2 years.


Life Is Meant To Be Lived:


  • ​We believe the family is the way to change the world
  • We also believe that family is an action word and family should be FUN
  • We believe there are fundamental truths that all families must know to operate successfully.


Meet The Fam!

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Jon 8x10 Head Shot.jpg


World Class Mental Strength Coach and Master Business Strategist

"I help families get out of the box so they can have more free time and more disposable income!"

Trina 8 x 10 Headshot.jpg


Elite Enrollment Coach and Master Communications Specialist

"I help parents create profitable online businesses while raising kids."

Wyatt 8 x 10 Headshot.jpg


Master Social Media Guide, Inspirational Content Creator, and World's Best Public Speaker.

(Oh yeah, and I'm humble, too!)

Abbie 8 x10 Headshot.jpg


Baker, Performer, Farmer, Artist, Adventurer, Speaker, Content Creator, Dancer, And The Best Little Sister Ever!

How we got here from there . . .


The Start of it All. . .

Jon Gunzel and Trina Gunzel (Licavoli at the time) at their first Prom in 1993

Jon and Trina meet when Jon is a Freshman and Trina is a Sophomore.

On the day they met, Jon told his best friend, "That's the girl I'm going to marry."

Jon and Trina are Married in their hometown of Payson, Arizona with over 300 of their closest friends and family.

Trina is the only girl Jon has ever kissed!

Jon Gunzel and Trina Gunzel Married in June 1997.  "She was the only girl I ever kissed."


Our Future Starts Now. . .


Tragedy Strikes and
We Loose It All. . .

Wyatt Gunzel in 2009 Shortly after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

Wyatt is now 4 years old and is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. 

Our whole world changes. 

Medical payments will be more than our house and car payments now.

Every penny and all our credit is used to pay medical bills. (these bills will continue for the rest of his life)

We don't sleep but are up checking blood sugar every night.

"I can't afford to work a regular job anymore and I haven't slept enough to go to work anyway."

What are we going to do?

Jon gets the idea to build a business from home!  We flip through the phonebook to see what job we could do from home.

By running our own business, we get to keep the WHOLE profit from our work, not just an hourly wage. 

Instead of trading time for dollars, we can make money as often and as much as we want. 

Jon decides on photography and Arizona Photo Solutions is born.

Over the next few years we have to move into a bigger building and we grow to  one of the biggest photo studios in Arizona.

Jon Gunzel, Trina Gunzel, Wyatt Gunzel, and Abbie Gunzel at their photography studio, "Arizona Photo Solutions" in Payson, Arizona


A Glimmer Of Hope. . .


Tragedy Strikes AGAIN!

Jon and Trina Gunzel with Wyatt and Abbie at the Bennett Stellar University Graduation

Both of Jon's parents die from cancer within 10 months of each other.

Our family is devistated.  With a 7 year old and a 2 year old we close the studio and move to Missouri for a fresh start.

We planned to start another photo business, but Jon's love for the camera has completely vanished.

With no idea what to do next, and no one to guide us, we spend the next 5 years and $500k (in credit card debt) searching for answers.

During the next 5 years, we become Masters of NLP, Communication Specalists, Mental Strength coaches, and discovered the secret to finding our True Value in the world.

But no matter what we learned or what we tried, something was always missing . . .

We had given everything we had to try and make our little family work. 

Now, out of money, out of time and Jon and Trina starting to fall OUT of love with each other, we knew it was time to face some hard decisions.

Still we didn't know how to make the kind of money we needed to, but we knew it was do or die time.

Something drastic was needed to save our marriage and our family.

We got on our knees and prayed that God would show us what to do with all the skills and talents we had collected over the last 20 years.  

The answer came loud and clear. Matthew 19:16-28 "Sell everything that you have and come and follow me."

"WHAT?  We thought we'd given everything!" "Now we were expected to give it all?"  

Yet neither of us could escape the thought that YES, WE'RE EXPECTED TO GIVE IT ALL.

So we called an estate sale company, sold all our dream home, our vehicles and all our worldly possessions, and donated the proceeds to our church.

The 1st Gunzel Family Farm and Dream home at weeping willow land in Branson Missouri

The Original Gunzel Family Farm and Dream Home we sold in response to Matthew 19:16-28

🚨WATCH: Jon and Trina Gunzel and their story of giving it all up to travel the 50 states and helping their fellow man.🚨

January 2017

Do or Die Time . . .


All Is Finally Revealed . . .

The Gunzel Family Multonomah-COLLAGE

We spent the next 3 years traveling in our 5th wheel.

We saw 38 states and 7 countries together in that time and we learned how to thrive as a family in only 200 square feet of living space.

We discovered our Master Purpose, which was so much more than "Husband" or "Mother" or "Provider. . ."  Suddenly, that "something missing" wasn't missing any more!

We learned how to easily make friends everywhere we go.

We even learned how to make big gobs of money with just a cellphone and a laptop from anywhere in the world.

During this time, Gunzel Family Brands is born. 

We dedicate our lives to helping families who are struggling to spend enough time together find new ways to create massive amounts of disposable income that allow them to focus on what matters most.   

We create our Stories To Success System that teaches anyone how to capture their value and deliver it to the world while finally getting paid what their worth!

The Stories To Success System Logo with Jon and Trina Gunzel - Gunzel Family Brands

Since the creation of the Stories To Success System, we've helped hundreds of families to find more time together while making more money for themselves than ever before.

For each of them, it seemed totaly impossible at first.  But with some guidance and coaching, each one of them has found success in building a thriving business based on living their Master Purpose.

Families are growing closer together.  Parents are teaching their children how to create friendships and wealth everywhere they go.

Marriages are being strengthened and love is being renewed where all seemed lost.

Small businesses, started by Dads and Moms are making dramatic impacts and changing the world.


The Gunzel Family on the beach in Galveston Texas where they filmed the start of the 50 days of Success Challenge.  50daysofsuccess.com

2020 & Beyond

A Life We Love . . .

Gunzel Family On The Farm

What We Believe . . .

  • ​All happy families have certain, learnable strategies in common 
  • ​Too much time is spent on WHAT we are and too little on WHO we are
  • ​It's VERY possible for BOTH parents to work at home AND raise kids in today's world (just not with yesterday's strategies)
  • ​It IS possible to break generational cycles and to create new and thriving patterns
  • Family is the fundamental element of society and the only one that can change the world for the better
  • Families and Marriages MUST be created each and every day for them to survive
  • ​Our Stories To Success System is the FASTEST and MOST COMPLETE way to make it possible for families to be together and to provide the disposable income needed to thrive together!



Leave It To Beaver Family


  • ​Our children need more from Dad (and Mom) than a distracted hour after work
  • ​Sports and School are NO SUBSTITUTE for time with Parents
  • ​Money should be made WITH the family preferably IN the home together
  • EVERY family can learn to enjoy time together
  • Raising Children to Raise Great Families Of Their Own Is Our MOST Important Job As Parents!

What Is Our Secret Evil Motivation?

(What do WE get out of this?)

We both grew up in homes with both parents.  Jon's Dad was at work all day and Mom was a stay at home Mom.  Trina's parents worked from home her entire life.

We realize we were both very fortunate and we had to watch as many of our young friend's families were torn apart by divorce, abuse and poverty.  

After over 25 years of marriage together, we have watched many adult relationships around us fall prey to the same things.

We got tired of watching everyone around us suffer.  We knew we had knowledge that could help.  

So our main motivation was so we could help raise up families and end the generational cycle of suffering so many are hurt by.

Second, we know families are the base unit of society and the fastest way to change the world.  We wanted to use our skills and training to help make as big a difference as possible in the world.

Third, we have an example to set and a duty to fulfill.  By building our OWN successful HOME BASED business where both parents stay home.  We teach our kids, our friends and even strangers that there is a NEW and Better Way to do FAMILY and BUSINESS.  A way that is kind, loving, fulfilling, accomplished and wealthy.

SO that's our motivation:  Aleviate the pain of watching others suffer, use our skills and training to make a difference, and set an example of a new way to Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness. 

Here's What We've Built For YOUR Family:

The 50 Days Of Success Challenge

The 50 Days of Success challenge will have you saying, "I DID IT!" using  the science of WIN STACKING to create a daily habit of success in your life. Let's Make Winning AUTOMATIC!  You can Join the 50 days of Success Challenge at absolutely NO COST TO YOU and NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

Master Purpose Secrets

Lack of Confidence? Not sure where to go next in life?  What would it feel like to have CERTAINTY in every thing you do instead?
Master Purpose Secrets is guaranteed to help you UNLOCK your unique Master Purpose in life.  See the reason you've suffered and struggled turned into your most powerful gift and have Ultimate Clarity on what to do next!

The Stories To Success System

Want to make the jump from trading time for dollars to making money doing what you LOVE?  Or do you just want enough disposable income to finally make those dreams come true?  The Stories To Success System by Jon and Trina Gunzel will teach you everything you need to know to create a minimum of $2,000 a week in EXTRA income all from the comfort of your home (and you get to keep all the money!) 

The Marriage Solution

We get it, marriage can be tough.  Marriage for entrepreneurs can seem downright impossible!  But it doesn't have to be!  We've took our knowledge and experience from 25 years of marriage and over $500k worth of relationship training  and created the ULTIMATE MARRIAGE SAVING course.  You'll be SHOCKED at how fast even the WORST marriage problems melt away when the correct strategies are applied. 

I Am Made For MORE!

Ever felt like something was missing in life.  Like you had so much more to give if you the world could just see you for who you are?  Learn to crush anxiety, make friends easily, capture  your skills and talents and accomplish what you were born to do.  This  elite coaching program will not only solve most of the personal issues that hold you back, but our Heal the Healers model will have you certified to use these techniques with your own clients.

Scaling To Success

Want to Build the ULTIMATE FREEDOME MACHINE?  In our Platinum Level Scaling to Success package we'll walk with you , step by step as we build your automated online business into a money printing machine that keeps working even in your sleep.  Sound impossible?  Advances in software and society since COVID-19 make POSSIBLE today what was impossible even just 10 years ago.