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One Mission

"We help families to become financially independent while they focus on raising amazing children and living fulfilling lives."

- The Gunzel Family

The Gunzel Family at Schwangau and Füssen Bavaria Germany

The Big LIE . . .

"A good provider makes sure his/her kids always have a roof over their head and food in their bellies . . ." 

For as long as I've been alive, the idea of "providing for the family" has been, Dad (and now Mom, too) goes off to work to make money to "support" the family.

And it seems like a worthy goal, but in reality, it only takes a second to see how that model is failing all around us.

Instead, we believe the family should be the CORE of how we operate; the center of everything we do.  Not just in thought, but most importantly measured by amount of time spent together.

Let's face it, raising amazing children takes MUCH more than an hour or two a day.  It's a 24/7 job. 

We all know this deep inside.  Leaving our spouses and children all day is the stuff anxiety, stress and divorce is made of.

It's not our fault, we were just taught by parents and teachers who didn't know any better because THEY were taught by people who definitely did not have our best interest at heart.

Corporations wanted us in the factories and offices building THEIR dreams, not at home building OUR dreams.


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The Big FEAR . . .

"There is security in a regular job, if I change, I'll put my family at risk. . ."

We've all felt it.  That twinge at the base of our spine or in the pit of our stomach when we think of doing something different, something BOLD.

We fixate on the things that make us comfortable and we fear the unknown.  We think it keeps us safe. . .

But what if that very fear that we rely on to keep us safe is actually keeping us trapped?

Call it fear, the adversary, or just plain old anxiety, but we tend to push away from the unknown. 

There's only one major problem with this kind of thinking.  ALL THE BEST STUFF ON LIFE IS JUST ON THE OTHER SIDE OF OUR FEAR!

What happens when the very job that is "keeping us safe" is the thing standing in the way of making your families dreams come true? 

We get stuck.  Stuck working a job we hate to provide for a family we love.  

Well, NO MORE!

Fear Tree

The NEW Way

How To Ethically Quit Your Job and Spend Your Life Playing With Your Family (while helping millions of people in the process . . .)

To have true freedom in this life, we must first be in control of our own destiny.

To control something (in a good way) we must first be interested in it. 

Then we must understand it.

Finally we must focus our energy on it.

Any deviation from this path is sure to result in a loss of control and therefore a loss of our freedom and our time with our family.

At Gunzel FAMILY Brands, we made a decision a long time ago that we needed to shake up the way the world teaches us to provide for our family.

Instead of leaving our family to provide for them (that even sounds weird, doesn't it?)  we figured out how to spend MORE time together and make MORE money in the process.

Sound impossible?  We live it every day and our clients do too!  We're here to guide you every step of the way.  

Before you take that first step though, you need to know who you can trust.

That's why we created a FREE community where families can gather and learn a new and better way to FAMILY together!

If you're interested in learning more, there's no catchOnly a kind and loving group of people who care about each other and want to see you and your family succeed.

Just scroll down a little bit farther and you'll learn all about what our community has to offer . . .

How to Start a Mobile Friendly Business with the Gunzel Family

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