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Welcome To Texas! Family Friendly Big Things To See And Do!

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Welcome To Texas!

Texas! Home of BIG adventures, BIG dreams, and BIG experiences for a family vacation! Wow, Texas! You have a lot to offer!

Do you like beaches, desert, prairies, grapes, hot air balloons, bass fishing, BBQ, horses, forests, and sunsets?

Texas has all of that and more!

For a fall and winter destination, we really enjoyed our Texas time!

Galveston, Texas

Texas Galveston.jpg

Part of this 50 state tour is spending enough time in an area to really get to know it, make new friends, and be able to share family friendly recommendations for things to do, places to eat, and where to visit.

We are so excited to share this adventure with you! There is so much to see and do in Texas!

If you want to have your toes in the sand and look for shells or fish for big bass, Texas has something for everyone.

We thought you might enjoy experiencing the variety that Texas offers, so enjoy this video of everything from the desert landscape to the gorgeous beaches of South Padre Island.

Enjoy this virtual vacation. Comment what your favorite part is after you watch the video below.

Great places to eat:
Rudy's BBQ in Houston
(Ok, so we didn't have a picture of Rudy's BBQ, but the link works and this was our own dang good BBQ at the Lakeside RV Park in Houston, Texas)

Jon, Wyatt and Abbie Gunzel Barbequing BBQ at the Houston Texas Lakeside RV Park
Pier 19 Seafood Restaurant - South Padre Island, Texas
The Gunzel Family at the base of the Saturn V Rocket at the NASA Houston Space Center
Jon and Trina Gunzel  with the Mercury Space Capsule at the NASA Space Center in Houston Texas

Things to Do:
Wortham Theater

Wyatt and Abbie Gunzel a the Worthman Center in Houston Texas just before The Nutcracker Ballet
The Gunzel Family at the Elegant Cafe prior to The Nutcracker Ballet

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Much Love,

The Gunzels

The Gunzel Family with their 5th wheel and Truck at the start of their 50 in 50 Trip

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