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Minnesota Memories - Explore the land of 10,000 lakes

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Have you ever wished to make Minnesota Memories?

Jon Gunzel and Trina Gunzel with Paul Bunyon and Babe in Minnesota

We had heard the fishing tales as big as Paul Bunyan and Babe The Blue Ox and you know what, Minnesota did not disappoint.

Minnesota Beautiful Lakes With Jon and Trina Gunzel

At first, we weren’t sure if we’d be able to find a space to camp because summer is THE TIME of year when everybody and their brother heads to the lake on the weekends.

However, as has come to be true over and over again on this trip, we’ll have to add another chapter to the Blessings Book.

There happened to be 1 site available for exactly the dates we needed at Lake Bemidji State Park.

This allowed us to go see the iconic Mississippi Headwaters and get our first taste of the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” but we’ve since learned Minnesota actually has 12,000 lakes.

Did you know that?

Minnesota Memories with the Gunzel Family Think Outside The Box

We got our first taste of how thick the mosquitoes were after a new hatch and decided we needed to get some better bug spray and fishining licenses if we were going to spend much more time here.

Originally, we had planned to head farther up North, but again, many places booked as far out as 1-2 years in advance so finding a place to park our 35 foot long rig with full hook ups was starting to look impossible.

Trina Gunzel Party of 4 at Fishing Springs Campground in Minnesota

Then, I noticed this same RV Park kept coming up in my searches.

It wasn’t quite the direction we were thinking but, as we have found repeatedly on this journey, when we are being called somewhere, we listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

So, after calling three great places with no openings, I called Fishing Springs Campground in Grand Rapids, MN.

It kept showing up in my searches and I had a tug on my heart to ask and guess what?

The owner answered my call and said he just happened to have just had a cancelation because of bad weather up north that worked exactly for the dates we needed.

How cool is that?

Fishing Springs RV Resort Lake Pokegama Minnesota with the Gunzel Family

We were thrilled!

Upon arrival, we found the sweetest owner, Gary, who personally greeted us.

There were only about 3 sites he rents our for short stay and the rest of his sites were seasonal.

His beautiful property is right on Lake Pokegama with docks for fishing, a sand volleyball court, bike trails, community fire pits and more.

Crawfish Boil at Fishing Springs in Minnesota with the Gunzels

We made the sweetest new friends and everyone treated us like family.

What an awesome find!

God, you are truly amazing but sometimes it just feels like you are showing off spoiling us with your love.

The kids caught enough fish for us to have dinner and a crawfish boil and share with our new lakeside friends.

What a blast!

Even with the mosquitoes, bug spray made it possible and I know we’ll remember this as one of our favorite lakeside fishing memories.

The Gunzel Family at Work at the Fishing Springs RV Park In Minnesota-COLLAGE

We had a very productive time helping our consulting clients build their business programs weekly and are enjoying making outdoor unplugged memories with the kids.

In fact, this is where we put the finishing touches on our STORIES TO SUCCESS system that teaches you how to make money using your existing skills and talents from anywhere in the world.  

It's how we are able to travel and enjoy our kids while building wealth along the way.

You can find out more about it by clicking this link if you are interested:

Making New Friends at the Lake in Minnesota with the Gunzel Family

Sweet new friends even let the kids borrow their kayaks and boy did they have a blast!

Sharing food and making outdoor memories together.

Nothing better!

What a sweet stage of life!

The Gunzel Family and Paul Bunyon in Minnesota

So, whatever is on your heart, whatever dream life you’re wanting to create, start now.

You’ll never have a better time and we’re here to help.

Click on the link below to join us in our FREE Family FUNdamentals HeartBeat Community and learn how you can set your family free.

Then, if you're interested, we can schedule your consultation and have a brainstorm about bringing your dream life, to life.

You and your family deserve more Time, Money, Love, and Freedom.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

It only gets better from here!

We are over half way on our 50 States in 50 Months Tour!

More fun to come!


The Gunzel Family Trina, Jon, Wyatt and Abbie

The Gunzel Family with their 5th wheel and Truck at the start of their 50 in 50 Trip

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