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How To Work From Home: The Power Hour For Parents

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

I get asked almost every day: How do you work from home?

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Well, first of all, you have to manage your time.

Otherwise, everyone needs your attention and you never make actual progress on your business.

I have been becoming known for implementing my "Power Hour For Parents" and I'm going to teach you my exact strategy for implementing one solid power hour of efficient work daily.

The biggest way to make this work is to make sure your family knows that is your committed Power Hour.

Involve them by letting them make you a sign saying: Mom's at work or Dad's Office Time so they have ownership of the idea.

During that one hour, I allow my kids to watch their favorite movie or play a game.

They are grateful and we all get our specific power hour time.

I am going to include my method that results in both positivity and production daily.

It's so simple you're going to love it!

Here you go!

  • ​Set a timer for 1 hour.
  • Hit start
  • Grab a square post it note and write down exactly what you are going to accomplish in your Power Hour. This might vary, daily.
  • Write out those very specific 3-6 tasks
  • Type up any text in OneNote
  • Copy and paste text into desired space: Facebook, blog post etc.
  • Celebrate your power hour when the time goes off

Here's a sample of my small yellow Post It Note Tasks for today:
Social Media Posts to Create:

  • Main Personal Page Post
  • Women In Business Group Post
  • ​Author Page Post Promoting New Book
  • ​Jon and Trina Gunzel Business Page Post
  • ​3 Intentional Reach Outs
  • ​Done!

Create your mini task list, do what you can in an hour, unfinished tasks go on the list for tomorrow.

List could include:

Create a blog post

Create a video

Do a consultation call

Make an offer post

Be a featured guest on a podcast

Or doing your marketing and outreach like I modeled.

Make it work for you!

If you own it and create it you will love it and rock your business and family life, too!

Love, Trina Gunzel

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