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Home For Travelers: 5 Simple Strategies To Make Everywhere You Go Feel Like Home

Monday, October 17, 2022

5 Simple Strategies To Make Everywhere You Go Feel Like Home

Home is wherever you are! In this post, you’re going to learn the 5 simple strategies we implement in our 50 State Tour, to make everywhere we go feel like home.
Yeah!!! You don’t have to feel lonely any more!

Home Sweet Home for the Gunzel Family

Two years ago, when we started this epic adventure, we wanted to make sure our kids had the opportunity to make new friends, learn everywhere we go, and to feel comfortable in new situations and surroundings.

I have many friends that moved to new areas for jobs, and they end up feeling lonely, isolated, and have a hard time meeting people.

I haven’t really ever struggled with that so I want to help!

We have made hundreds of new friends traveling and I’ve noticed this is something that is useful to people that I take for granted.

I’ve included a bonus way to connect at the end of this article that’s fun, too!

So keep reading!

My Dad raised me to bloom where I’m planted so I always look for ways to connect with people and help, wherever we are.

When we first moved to Missouri, I wanted a way to make friends and my kids were little.

So, I went to a local park near a lake and just let my kids play.

That allowed me to meet some other moms who were there, too.

The Gunzels Home on the Water

One mom became my instant new friend and invited me to a local area MOPS group (Moms of Pre Schoolers).

After attending the first meeting, I joined and made over a hundred friends over the next few years.

It was so much crafty and inspirational fun!

I also thought about things I wanted to do, and gardening in my new area was something I wanted to learn.

So, I read in the paper about an upcoming Master Gardener’s Course and joined.

I made about 20 new friends throughthat and one of my closest friends still to this day.

I published a book and look for local Author’s Events.

At those events, I made 30 new friends, sold books, and was invited to be a guest speaker.

Trina Gunzel at an Author Event

As I looked for ways to connect and serve others, I found many opportunities and grew my local circle of friends.

Traveling or moving to a new location, this can seem to be a challenge at first, but these are 5 Simple Strategies I have learned to make everywhere you go feel like home:

1. Find your local favorite grocery store. Go through the same line at the same time weekly. Get to know the cashier. This will be your first local friend and if you’re there for a day or a recent move, you will appreciate seeing a familiar face. They will, too!

2. Look up any area events on social media or in the paper. This is a great way to get out and meet people. Talk to the vendors at food markets, look for common interests in clothing, jewelry, hats, etc, and compliment someone you meet.

3. Go to the Public Library and Post Office. This is something that you can find in common in most towns. It just gives you a reality factor that there are things that are the same in most places. You can do some online work, see about local events, and if you have kids, they might even have a summer reading challenge they can participate in. Mailing Post Cards from the Post Office gives a fun way to stay in touch with old friends or family and everyone enjoys happy mail.

4. Find the local favorite restaurant and start eating there weekly. Get to know the servers, owner, and talk to people. Most people are happy to connect and will share other local favorite things to do. Share about what you do and see if you can make a friend because you have things in common.

5. Go to the local park. Playing basketball, grabbing some sandwiches or snacks, and hanging out at a park is a great way to meet people. If you want to meet families, there are usually other families there. Ask what there is to do in the area. See if there are local organizations or church activities you can be a part of. Be open to making friends and you’ll attract the ones who will be interested in hearing your story.

Gunzel Family Home on the Road - Houston Lakeside RV Park

In the end, it all comes down to you.

Are you willing to get out there and talk to people?

Share your story.

Are you new to the area?

Are you traveling?

Do you have a blog or way they can connect with you?

Exchange information and be open to meeting new people.

YOU make every where you go feel like HOME because YOU are there!

Own your space and get familiar with the area by driving around.

Go to the places where you would like to make your ideal friends and they will be there, too!

Because you will have things in common.

You are unique and when you get involved, people will want to reach out to you too.

Make it feel like home, and you will feel more comfortable reaching out.

Want more ways to connect, build successful habits, and be a part of a positive community every day?

Now you really can have friends everywhere you go!

Join our FREE 50 Days of Success Challenge here:

It’s fun, it’s free, it’s full of variety, and will push you to grow and connect.

AND!  You can join our discussion group below and let us know what was most helpful to you about this article.

I would love to hear from you!

Trina Gunzel

The Gunzel Family with their 5th wheel and Truck at the start of their 50 in 50 Trip

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