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Want To Know How YOU Can Get The GOLD Out Of All 51 Books (And EVERY Book You Read) In As Little As 6 Minutes Per Day?

(Even If You Hate Reading . . .)

"Then, I Stopped READING Books . . ."

And started KNOWLEDGE HACKING . . .

I was 22 when I first started to try to read to get ahead, and I quickly realized my grade-school reading techniques were way to slow and clunky to get results in the real world.

I say grade-school reading, because let's face it. Even if you went to college, you might have spent a lot of TIME reading, but I'm willing to bet you never took a READING CLASS . . .

Which means all the study you did and have ever done was probably based on the same techniques you learned before you graduated high-school. Oops!

I KNEW it was time for an upgrade if I ever hoped to make something of myself and stay ahead of the competition.

First, I turned to speed reading. And while I got up to around 800 words per minute, just reading faster didn't mean I was getting anything out of it.

Then I just got frustrated and stopped reading all together for a while. At first I was OK, but I quickly started falling behind my colleagues and my progress ground to a halt.

I knew there had to be a better way and I desperately needed to get my career moving again.

Then one day, in church of all places, I got a short lesson from a friend on how to get more out of what I was reading.

I was shocked to find out there is a WHOLE LOT MORE to STUDY that just reading words page, after page, after page . . .

That's when I stopped reading books, and really learned how to get maximum knowledge into my head in a minimum amount of time through really learning to KNOWLEDGE HACK!

Have You Ever Wished You Could Get More Knowledge Into Your Head FASTER?

If you were trained to read in school you might not know it, but you were trained to read to please your teacher, instead of READING FOR RESULTS.

But that's not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse!


Because if you can't get new information and put it into action fast, you may be left behind, passed up and forgotten!

​Which means most high achievers will try put their old, grade-school reading skills to work and instead get more frustrated and even further behind.

The Reading Skills We Were Taught In School Are FAILING US!

Have You Ever Fallen Prey To One Of The TOP 3 Reading Myths?

  • MYTH #1 - Reading Non-Fiction Books Is Hard . . . FALSE! - Most high achievers can't get past the idea that reading a book is really hard and takes a long time. But nothing could be further from the truth!
  • MYTH #2 - I Don't Have Time To Read . . . FALSE! - In only 6 minutes a day, you can create a life-long study habit that makes it easy to become the most valuable player on any team and step into the greatness YOU deserve.
  • MYTH #3 - If I Wasn't A Good Reader In School, It's Not Worth Trying To Read Now. . .  FALSE! - the key to success is turning knowledge into action as fast as possible. Even if you HATE reading, you can get huge gains in knowledge that will ensure you crush the competition and start making memories instead of missing out on dreams.

So, if you're a high achiever who knows the key to success is turning knowledge into action as fast as possible, then THIS is exactly what you're looking for. . .

What if you could hack the wisdom of the brightest minds in the world and quickly turn that knowledge into results for you?

Just imagine the difference in your life if you could KNOW how to solve problems and get ahead while working more efficiently and effectively.

We discovered the hidden strategies that will allow you to leverage new knowledge quickly and effectively like never before.

​Now I'm on a mission to help amazing people just like you.

Jon and Trina Gunzel

Hi, I'm Jon Gunzel and I'm a Master Success Consultant.

I've spent over 14,000 hours helping my clients break free of old-school thinking. Thinking that kept them trapped and struggling.

My wife Trina and I specialize in helping High Achievers maximize their results and up-level their success.

We've spent YEARS working with our clients to perfect these techniques so YOU can benefit from all our hard work now!

​We promise your life, and your results, will never be the same again!

I Read 312 Books In Just 1 Year!

You read that right. After learning the techniques I'm about to share with you, I read over 300 books in one year! And I did it all while still working 60-80 hours a week. AND I still got to have a life.

Just imagine for a second what you could do with that kind of increase of knowledge, tactics, strategy and success?

I'll tell you what I did. I revolutionized our Marriage and Success Consulting businesses, changed almost every single thing about the way I did business and spent WAY more time at home with my family instead of slaving away at work.

My whole world changed. I started seeing things all my competitors were missing. I found new ways to grow my business and a whole new circle of high achievers that I could suddenly talk intelligently with.

I went from being an introvert, who kept to himself because I always felt like I'd say something stupid, to feeling like I'm always the smartest person in the room.

Just imagine what YOU could do if you had even a fraction of that success!

​Now imagine how amazing it would be if you could have all this without wasting years and thousands of dollars hunting down these techniques. . .

"It's Not Our Dreams That Fail Us, It's The Lack Of Know How To Bring Those Dreams Into Reality". . .

Isn't It Time To Start Turning Those Far-Off Dreams Into Wonderful Memories Of Things You've Already Accomplished?

Introducing . . .


The Book Busting Knowledge Hacking System That Will Have You Mining The Gold Out Of Every Book You Ever Wanted To Read, In A Matter Of Minutes.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get When You Enroll In Master Study Secrets:

Secret #1

Staking Your Claim!

($47 Value)

This often overlooked strategy gives you the secret to break ground on a whole new way to knowledge hack!

Learn what it takes to get the information out of the book and into our heads FAST.

​Easily be one step ahead of the competition because you'll know the secret to learn faster than anyone else in the room.

Secret #2

Mining For Gold

($197 Value)

This Knowledge Hacking System is the shortcut to busting books open and watching the knowledge spill out right before your eyes.

Extract the best learning from ANY book in a matter of minutes.

Catch up on all the knowledge you missed in a fraction of the time you thought it would take.

Secret #3

Dynamite Reading!!!

($97 Value)

This explosive technology is the secret to reading 5 or 6 books at the same time.

Exponentially increase your knowledge in the shortest time possible.

You'll finally know how to destroy writer's block and spark new creative solutions on demand.

Secret #4

The Mother Lode

($297 Value)

This cutting edge, information streaming technique, holds the secret for you to get all the information you ever needed streamed into your head.

Learn to unleash that power in as little as 6 minutes a day and get more information at a faster rate than ever before.

Create a life-long learning advantage that will ensure your life will never be the same again.

Secret Bonus #1

($197 Value)

Take It To The Bank!

This inside look helps you to learn the secret to jumping out of bed each morning with Ultimate Confidence.

Know exactly what it takes to crush impostor syndrome and stand tall, confident in who you are. Enjoy limitless passion and laser focus for the rest of your life by knowing exactly what you want and how to get it.

Secret Bonus #2

($67 Value)

The Strength, Love, & Determination Trilogy

This 3 book series makes it easy to build strength, relationships and personal power.

You'll go behind the scenes with us to learn how our family overcame crushing health, marriage and financial problems and still came out on top.

Build your courage and confidence while sharing in our stories of struggle and ultimate victory.

Secret Bonus #3

($500 Value)


The 50 Days Of Success Challenge AND Personal Success Journal

Get 50 Days of Success Coaching for FREE!

This 50 Day Success Challenge holds the keys for you to learn the science of win stacking and experience the power of new.

You will develop a daily habit of success that will propel you into a brighter, more successful future.

Gain confidence, determination, and joy as you stack wins day after day by completing fun activities that keep your mind engaged and your spirit growing.

If All Master Study Secrets Ever Helped You Do Was Get Promoted, Or Get A Raise, Or Solve 1 More Nagging Problem . . .​

It Would Be A Smoking Deal At The Total Value Price Of $1,402

But It Won't Cost Anywhere NEAR That, When You Buy
​Master Study Secrets Today:

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We Stand Behind Master Study Secrets And We Know You Can Get Amazing Results In Just 6 Minutes A Day!​

In The Really Weird Case You Don't Get Results, We'll Happily Refund Your Entire Purchase Price Of Master Study Secrets Within 30 Days Of Your Purchase.​

Just Send Us An Email And Let Us Know Why It Didn't Work For You And What We Can Do Better.

"Don't waste another minute losing to the competition when you could be crushing it instead."

"Get Access To Master Study Secrets today and you can be getting ahead by tomorrow."

​-Jon Gunzel

Yes! Jon, I'm Ready To Purchase!

Here’s A Recap Of


When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!

  • Staking Your Claim ($47 Value)
  • Mining For Gold ($197 Value)
  • Dynamite Reading ($97 Value)
  • The Mother Lode ($297 Value)
  • Bonus #1: Lesson #5 Taking It To The Bank! ($197 Value)
  • BONUS #2: The Strength, Love, & Determination Trilogy ($67 Value)
  • BONUS #3: The 50 Days Of Success Challenge and Journal ($500 Value)

Total Value: $1,402

But TODAY, You're Getting All Of This. . .

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