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5 Ways To Be An Awesome + Ethical GFB Affiliate

This is in no way a substitute for legal counsel. You may still get in trouble with the FCC or other regulators if you do not do your due diligence. These are general guidelines only to help communicate ethical affiliate practices.

1. Using Testimonials + Disclaimers

EXPLANATION: Any testimonials must have a disclaimer warning that the success they're hearing about doesn't guarantee their own success. You also must have express permission from the person giving the testimonial, and it is against our TOS to solicit our customers for testimonials.

Not OK


Discover The One Step I Took To Grow Financially and Spiritually
* These results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back.

2. Honest + Clear Advertising

EXPLANATION: If you are using the word FREE you must clearly state what the pre-requisites are for the free gift or bonus.

Not OK

I'll give you this cool thing ABSOLUTELY free!!!


I'll give you this cool thing ABSOLUTELY free when you sign up for X at $97/m.

3. Claims + Substantiation

EXPLANATION: Any claims must be substantiated (in other words, it must true and backed by evidence), as well as a disclaimer that just because you did it, doesn't automatically mean they will.

Not OK

How you can earn $4000 a month passively without having a product of your own.


How I earn $4000 a month in passive income through the Gunzel Family Brand Affiliate Program, even without my own product! *

*Your results will vary based on your effort, education, and market factors beyond our control.

4. Affiliate Funnels + Links

EXPLANATION: Many social platforms don't allow this anyway, but even if they do, as an affiliate, it's your job to bridge the gap and introduce your prospects to YOU and your business first, before offering Gunzel Family Brands Products. You also must disclose that you are an affiliate.

Not OK

Driving traffic straight to an affiliate link

Example:  Driving Your Facebook Ad Straight To A Gunzel Family Brands Offer Page


Driving traffic to your own affiliate funnel!

Example: Your Add Goes To YOUR Page Where You Explain How You Got Your Results With A Link To A Gunzel Family Brands Offer Page

5. Trademarked Terms + Advertising

EXPLANATION: If an average internet visitor can't tell between your funnel and a Gunzel Family Brands official one, then it needs to be changed. That means it must be stated that you are an affiliate, and not use third party trademarks (ours and others). Bidding on our trademarked terms will be immediate grounds for removal from the affiliate program.

Not OK

Pretending to be Gunzel Family Brands official by using trademarked terms or designing funnels that exactly replicate ours.


Create a bridge funnel that's yours, and once they understand who you are and what you do, send them to Gunzel Family Brands.

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