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We Pay Commission For The ENTIRE LIFECYCLE Of Our Customers!

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Step 1: Download and Read The Gunzel Family Brands Affiliate Agreement.

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Affiliate Opportunities

Earn Up To 40% Commission For The Entire LIFECYCLE Of Our Customer!

Gunzel Family Brands Affiliates start at 10% commission.
(That's $300 for each S2S enrollment!)

You can EARN UP TO 40% Commission.

Here's how it works.  Once you reach 20 S2S Enrollments you will increase to 20% commission.  At 40 S2S Enrollments you will be upgraded to 40% commission on every future client!
(That's $1,200 per S2S enrollment!)

BONUS!  Whether you are earning 10, 20 or 40% commission, you also earn that commission on all future UPGRADES for that new client!  (Client MUST have originally enrolled under your affiliate id)

Example:  You qualify for 40% commission and you enroll an S2S client.  You get paid $1,200 for that client ($3,000 x 40% = $1,200)
Later that client upgrades to a $50,000 mastermind.  Without lifting a finger, you get an additional payment of $20,000!  ($50,000 x 40% = $20,000!)

What Is Your Dream Vacation?

Earn An All-Expense Paid Vacation When You Reach 100 Stories To Success Enrollments!
(Total Value Up to $10,000)

Gunzel Family Brands will pay for you and your family to take your dream vacation together (up to $10,000 reimbursed total). This is based on having 100 qualifying Stories To Success Enrollments paying for their membership through your affiliate id. 

Affiliate Best Practices

5 Ways To Be An Awesome + ETHICAL Gunzel Family Brands Affiliate!

5 Ways To Be An Awesome + ETHICAL Gunzel Family Brands Affiliate!

Here are our five golden rules of great and ethical affiliate marketing given to you in layman's terms so it's easy to understand! Please read it in its entirety before getting started. 
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